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8 lives to go

Hi All,

Oscar here.

Is it me or is it HOT out. Like unpleasantly hot. The mugginess, the stickiness, the general feel gross on your skin-ness. And think how much worse I have it—I'm covered head to toe in fur!

As the weather gets warm, we all have our various ways of keeping cool. Some people go the easy way and crank up the AC. Others prefer a less noisy approach and go with fans. Then there are those who go for a more au-natural approach, window style.

Now, while windows are a great idea in theory, letting all that fresh air in and what not, you need to be extra cautious when you go with this approach if you have pets. Opening a window means that anything from the outside can come in and anything from the inside can go out. Which wouldn't be a problem save for the fact that your pets don't necessarily understand the danger of open windows and ever curious spirits that we are, have a tendency to want to see what lives beyond the window sill. So whenever we see an open window our natural instinct is to jump through it!

Just the other day in fact, I overheard Mrs. Silverman talking to Dr. S. about the fact that that very morning, their beloved kitty, Tina, broke through a screen that was propping up a window and jumped from the second story to the deck below!!!

Good thing we cats have 9 lives and always land on our feet.

But next time you're propping up a window, be extra cautious your pet's far far away.

Til' next time,


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