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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Hi all,

Oscar here.

Have you heard about the recent crowning of the world's ugliest dog? Well, now we have a very viable contender for the world's ugliest cat, too. Now, I know that sounds terribly mean but it comes from a place of love and I think we can all admit, there's something truly, deeply adorable about the ugly.

So last week, a long term client of the PPAC found a kitty wandering around the hallway of her building. The kitty looked nothing short of pitiful. Small by nature, she was also incredibly matted and just looked generally rough.

The client brought kitty in and Dr. S. shaved her down, tested her for leukemia and AIDS, and, after finding a terrible case of ear mites and worms in the creature, took care of those too. A few days of observation revealed that though the cat had a hearty appetite, a problem with her jaw prohibited her from being able to chew properly which just adds to her pitifulness.

The good news is, kitty is now in the care of the PPAC, healing right up and Dr. S. the younger and Dr. Bess fell in love and are taking her in as a forever pet (and oddly enough, there was a long line of other people equally interested in bringing her home!)

What a great way to end a holiday weekend!

Til' next time,


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