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No more tears

Hi All,

Oscar here.

When you think about the phrase, 'No More Tears' two things likely come to mind. The first, is a song by the infamous Ozzy Osbourne of the same name.

The second, is that famous ad campaign for children's shampoo from Johnson and Johnson.

For better or worse, this is about neither of those! These tears are in reference to a condition where certain breeds of dogs—most often the bulgy eyed variety like shitzus, lhasa apsas and pugs—get very dry eyes and can't produce tears.

Last week, one such dog came in with his eyes all mucusy. I'm talking serious mucus—not the type you get in the corner of your eyes when you just wake up. Having seen this condition before, the doc had a guess that the dog was suffering from the aforementioned Dry Eye.

To find out just what was going on, the doc administered something called the Schirmer Tear Test which basically involves putting a little pieces of paper into the dog's eye and waiting to see how many tears are produced in a minute. A healthy pooch will produce 15-25 millileters per minute. When this pooch produced a mere five, Dr. S. knew his guess was right.

He prescribed a medicine called cyclosporin which needed to be administered twice a day. Two weeks later, owner and dog come back in and this time, the Schirmer Tear Test had the dog clocking in 17 tears per minute. Boo-yah!

We have an official third reference for No More Tears. Move over J&J and Ozzie!

Til' next time,


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