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Hi all,

Oscar here.

It's no novel idea to see a famous celebrity promoting a brand. It makes sense. People love famous people. Find a famous person to sell a product. Sell more products because people want to be like said famous people.

Many years ago, when the internet came to be, the animal kingdom finally began gaining the acclaim it deserved with Nyan cat, more than our fair share of cat memes, and famous fashion pooches like Menswear dog—the best dressed dog on the web.

But despite our efforts, we never really achieved fame to rival that of our human counterparts, much to my chagrin. "Use us to sell things", I'd plead. "Cute sells, not sex!" I'd exclaim. Again and again, these pleas fell on deaf ears.

Until now.

Finally, in a PR move to surpass all others, a brand got smart to the power of cute.

Scotch Brite is now using Animal Influencers to sell lint rollers. Yep. You read that right. And what a brilliant move it is. Who better to sell the product than those who require their very existence to begin with?

Last week, a number of 'famous dogs of instagram' or 'pupfluencers' set up shop in Central Park on big green couches that screamed 'Scotch Brite'. With an end game of selling product, visitors could snap a pic with their favorite pooch and get a lint roller in the process (check out Bernie trying his modeling hat on for size).

With the rising fame of animal influencers, this kitty ventures to guess it won't be long before the cats out of the bag—famous pets are a better bet than famous people to help promote brands. If for nothing other than the fact that "there’s stronger brand security when you partner with a pet influencer,” as per Loni Edwards, the founder of The Dog Agency (the talent group that reps many famous pets.) “A human influencer might get drunk at a party, or do something offensive, tweet something off-color.” With us, that's never something to worry about.

Til' next time,


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