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The importance of vaccinating, take 2

Hi all,

Oscar here.

Remember how a few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about people who belong to a movement referred to as 'Anti Vaxxers,' which to refresh your memory, are basically people who don't believe in vaccinating humans or pets? Well, this week's blog presents a strong addition to the argument in favor of vaccinating.

Last week, an adorable 9 week old kitty came into the office looking totally dehydrated and in really really rough shape. Dr. S. got him started on an IV for fluids, antibiotics, and a heating pad to raise his body temperature.

In order to look into what was going on and to run some tests, the doc took some blood from the kitty but the tragic thing is, the poor guy passed away during the night before a cure was found. Dr. S. ran the blood to see just what had happened and it was incredibly sad to see that he had had something called panleukopenia otherwise known as feline distemper. This contagious disease basically renders the cat incapable of fighting off infection—a precarious situation for any animal.

Through her tears, the owner explained that the kitty had been adopted from a local shelter. After hearing this, Dr. S. gently explained that shelters are breeding grounds for infections—all those animals in such close quarters—and that the kitty must have contracted something in his time there.

Bottom line is, even though in human medicine, we've made tremendous strides towards preventing/fighting off most contagious diseases, we haven't come that far when it comes to animals and vaccinations are still vital in most cases. The sad truth is, there is actually a vaccine for panleukopenia, but the kitty, having not yet been vaccinated, was far more susceptible to diseases such as the one that ultimately caused his untimely death.

So dear readers, I can't express it enough. Vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate. After all, you wouldn't want your pet to be the next tragedy.

Til' next time,


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