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Rocky Raccoon and his Buds

Hi all,

Oscar here.

Do you watch The Walking Dead? I don't because I'm a scaredy cat (yes, that's an actual thing), and the idea of the undead quite frankly terrifies me. That said, I do recognize that it's a super famous show and people seem to retain a morbid fascination with all things otherworldly.

Well, quite recently, the undead seems to have made an appearance in Central Park, in the shape of raccoons. Though adorable and cuddly on the outside, raccoons have a bad rep for eating trash, contracting rabies, and partaking in all other sorts of mammalian mayhem. And this latest instance is no exception. Over the past few weeks, over two dozen raccoons have been found dead in Central Park in an "ongoing viral outbreak that causes "zombie" behavior", according to an article in the New York Post.

In an effort to find out what was going on, blood work was sent away and two of the critters tested positive for something called canine distemper virus. Now, although humans cannot be affected by this disease, unvaccinated dogs certainly can. So while not a cause for concern, if your pooches aren't vaccinated, it's a good idea to get them vaccinated post haste—it's a super simple vaccine and it could honestly be the difference between life and death. It's also obviously a good idea to keep them away from Central Park until this zombie virus seems to clear the area.

If you're curious how to spot an infected animal, it's pretty evident that something is amiss because raccoons with distemper act very bizzarely, seeming tame or at least confused right before they lose their coordination, get kind of wobbly, or even become unconscious, aggressive, and in worst case scenarios, die.

So it's a good idea to keep your distance if you notice Rocky or any of his friends hanging around.

Til' next time,


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