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Hi All,

Oscar here.

Building off of last week's post about exotic creatures in foreign lands, we have another exciting post for you this week. But as adorable as last week's visuals of dromedaries was, this week's post is about a slightly sadder subject—a a critter who is in danger of becoming extinct; the koala.

Koalas, marsupials who live primarily in Australia, are on the decline for a number of different reasons.

  • As Brisbane and the Gold Coast expand, Koalas have smaller and smaller areas to live in. As their habitats get smaller, koalas can't use their tried and true method of trees as transportation so they leave the trees and head to the road. On the road, they are in danger of cars and dogs alike
  • The reduced number of koalas leads to inbreeding which leads to disease and stress
  • Bet you never realized this but animals can contract STDs, too. Chlamydia is on the rise especially as inbreeding continues to grow. This disease affects koala's ability to procreate and also leads to a loss of sight
  • Koalas are also dealing with other environmental issues including fires and climate change which also require relocation and..you guessed it, further stress for the little guys

So what can you do? Well, since most of you are New Yorkers, there's not a ton you can do from a distance other than make a donation at the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife.

Otherwise, just spread the word that these little guys need a little help. The more people in the know, the better their chances of getting the help they need.

Til' next time,


PS, I'll be out of the country traveling for the next two weeks. I know, you'd never think a cat would travel but I do! So try not to miss me too much

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