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The cutest ever ball boys and girls

Hi All,

Oscar here. 

Did you get a chance to watch the Open? I know at this point it was a week or so ago and I do want to offer my apologies for not posting earlier, but the Jewish New Year last week had me doing all kinds of resting and reflecting and a whole bunch of not working and writing. But we're back!

So anyway, if you didn't get a chance to watch, you should check out the highlights—there were some pretty incredible moments and even a bit of drama. But what you probably didn't pay attention to—and likely never have—were the ball boys and girls who chase after those bright yellow orbs, ensuring that play is never disrupted.

Now imagine, if instead of two legs, the ball retrievers were individuals who love nothing more than fetching balls and instead of two legs, ran on four...yes, I'm talking about canine ball retrievers. Specifically, at a tennis tournament recently in Brazil, where 6 rescued pups got a chance to strut their stuff in the hopes of catching the eye of a potential forever family. Tasked with fetching the balls as they were lobbed out of bounds, the dogs made the match a whole lot more adorable. Aside from the pictures being incredible, I sincerely hope this becomes a more regular type of thing.

Til' next time,


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