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Hi All,

Oscar here.

Dr. Silverman has three kids and each of those kids are runners in the past or present sense of the word. And since the NYC marathon is coming up (which some of the aforementioned children have run) and the Staten Island Half was this past weekend, it only seemed fitting to write a blog about hips and hip issues. Because, well, hip problems are so prevalent among runners. 

So last week, a stray kitty was brought into the office by a kind soul and the kitty was limping. Dr. S. took an X-ray and noticed that the head of femur (thigh bone) was broken off at the bone. The poor kitty must have gotten into a scuffle in his non-domesticated wanderings. To fix the problem, Dr. S. had to remove the head and neck of the femur—in layman's terms, the head is the ball in a ball and socket joint.

Now, though this is a good solution to the problem at hand, removing the head of the kitty's femur would cause instability (because think about it, when you remove the ball from the socket, there is no longer anything holding the bits in place. That said, this is the best course of action for treatment of this type of condition and, Dr. S. was aware that post surgery, the body, in all its deeply intuitive natures, would form a fibrous, or scar tissue, to fill in the space and thereby stabilize the joint.

Needless to say, I wouldn't wish such a malady on any of the runners (and in fact, I wish them all only the best of luck!). And fortunately, the kitty is on the mend. Though I doubt he'll be running any marathons soon.

Til' next time,


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