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Hi All,

Oscar here.

Everyone thinks their pet is a star. And for some of you insta famous pooches, like @ralphienyc @waltergoodboy and @rosenbergthedog and of course, aladinna_the_cat and @lifeatbernies (OK so they're not famous yet but they will be one day, just mark my words!), these guys are the real deal. But, if you're the pet of an actually famous person, it's far easier to get the recognition your famous moms and dads think you deserve, than if you're a mere commoner like the rest of us.

Case in point. Tilda Swinton, famed star of an endless list of incredible films and movies that you can see in totality here, you can put your pets into an opera music video which you direct, and poof—instant internet fame.

Whether it was inspired by her recent role in the film Isle of Dogs or she just genuinely felt compelled to share this strange, albeit oddly captivating film with the world remains unclear.

But either way, it's high on the list of animal kingdom highlights for the week so obviously needed to make its way to your screens.

Enjoy and til' next time,


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