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A tumor the size of a baseball

Hi All,

Oscar here.

How many of you go for yearly physicals? No judgement, I promise, but I bet the answer is not many of us. Because the truth is, when we feel fine, there's little to no incentive to taking time out of our busy NYC lives to go to the doc. I get it!

Now, not to freak you out, but this week's story is an example of why that's not the best policy to apply to your pets. They can't talk so it's hard for them to communicate if something's bugging them—hence the need to bring them in for routine physicals.

Case in point. Last week, a 50 lb. pooch came into the PPAC for a regular checkup (yay, owner!). During the exam, Dr. S. discovered a five-inch internal tumor. For scale, that's the size of a softball. It's massive! They sent the tumor in for a biopsy and it came back relatively benign. Next, they're going to loop an oncologist in to get another perspective but as of now, it seems like there's not much to worry about.

But the moral of the story is, just because your pet seems perfectly fine doesn't mean there isn't something going on in their little pet bodies that might need medical attention. And the only way to find these things out? You guessed it, yearly exams.

So, while this pooch's ending seems to be a happy one, we want to help you do everything you can to ensure your pets continue to be happy and healthy year round. If you haven't yet, schedule a yearly physical at the PPAC. You and your pet will be grateful for it.

Til' next time,


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