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A dog with a sawhorse gait

Hi all,

Oscar here.

I hope you all didn't miss me too much. And yes, I had a relaxing, wonderful vacation, thank you for asking. But back to exciting medical cases we go!

You've probably heart of arthritis, right? But when you think about it, it's really something more commonly found in older pooches. So, when a 3.5 year old pooch came into the PPAC with a sawhorse gait (you know—walking like he's straddling a sawhorse, all bowlegged and whatnot) the doc assumed there was something bizarre at play.

His first test was for Lyme disease, a common cause of arthritis in young dogs. But, when that test came back negative, he started his search for another answer.

Next came a joint tap which is pretty much what it sounds like—when the doc taps into the dog's joint to see what's going on inside of it. This test would reveal if the pooch was suffering from:

· A tick borne disease

· A bacterial infection

· An immune mediated disease (when the body is reacting adversely to its own tissue

The joint tap confirmed Dr. S’. second hunch that the pooch was indeed suffering from an immune-mediated disease. The treatment for this begins with a high dosage of prednasone (a cortisone) and slowly reducing the dosage. The young dog responded well to this treatment and is walking with a sawhorse gait no more.

Remember, you know your pets better than anyone else so if you notice something weird going on, it's always a good idea to bring your pet in for a checkup.

Til' next time,


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