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A queen in heat

Hi all,

Oscar here. 

Here's a quick—very brief—lesson in the birds and the bees. Dogs and cats get spayed and neutered by their owners to prevent baby puppies and kitties and all of the ramifications that come when animals are in heat. So, last week, when a cat came in to the PPAC apparently in heat, even though she had been spayed, her parents were understandably perturbed.

Here's another quick lesson:

  • Female cat in heat= queen
  • Female dog in heat=bitch

As a point of comparison:

  • Male cat= tom
  • Male dog, well that's just a dog

Apparently, the only mammals in the animal kingdom where females (and cats no less) have it better than their male counterparts are of the feline variety. But I digress.

So Dr. S. operated on the kitty and found a piece of leftover ovary inside of her! On top of the ovary there was also a cyst, which had grown as a result of an accumulation of hormones over the years. The doctor who had originally spayed the kitty, well, didn't do a very good job (not all vets are as good as the ones at the PPAC) and left a chunk of ovary in there. Dr. S. suggested they wait until she was in heat yet again, for easier ovary access, and went in in to remove the remaining piece and the cyst. Out they came and kitty is hormonal no more.

Guess it's not so good to be a queen in heat.

Til' next time, 


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