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Tis' the season of eating remorse

Hi all,

Oscar here. First off all happy (very) belated Thanksgiving and Chanukah to you all. I hope you had your fill of turkeys, stuffing, mashed potatoes and family.

Even though I love this holiday, one downside is that people lean in to gluttony, eat in excess, (even more than usual), and are filled with regret and remorse the next day. This tendency towards excess continues pretty much through the end of the new year with all the parties and whatnot. Then, come the New Year, they make resolutions to eat less, show more self-control and generally abstain.

Well, we animals are not subjected to the same rules of New Years’ resolutions or any of that silliness and whenever there’s food headed our way, you bet we’ll accept every last ounce with no looking back.

But just like humans, our bad choices have a tendency to catchup with us. In fact, last week, a pup came into the PPAC whose parents said he had no chill. They reported he'd been pacing up and down the stairs, incapable of sleeping and just seeming to be in general discomfort.

The doc took a look over and noticed nothing out of the ordinary. He took him off the table to give a further look and noticed some tenderness in his lower back. Then, he went to palpate his abdomen and whoa—did he gave Dr. S. a crazy surprise—a big fat burp.

Dr. S. tried to feed the pup and his appetite proved to be completely back to normal! Turns out the pooch had eaten too much during Thanksgiving and had terrible gas which had been pressing on his abdomen. As a result, he couldn’t eat which had in turn let to him pacing, causing lower back pain. With his burp out and his tummy back to normal, the pooch was able to get back to business as usual.

So remember, we’re not great with showing any self-restraint so we need you to help us. Use the same caution with overeating towards yourself as you would to us.

Til next time,


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