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0920955001546969631.jpgHi All,

Oscar here. 

By now, everyone has heard me go on an on about 'Adopt Don't Shop'. The reason being that it's a super important factor to consider when bringing home your next furry friend. Aside from the inhumane conditions of puppy mills, and the fact that there are endless numbers of animals who have lost their homes for a variety of reasons, rescue pets are the way to go. I count myself one among the lucky masses who was adopted and want to spread the love for my fellow animal friends.

As a society, we're slowly moving in this direction, supported by the burgeoning pet rescue industry. But recently, an entire state decided to put their money where their paws are and passed a law that stated that pet stores were only allowed to sell rescue cats, dogs and bunnies—not places like puppy mills or backyard breeders. 

California, a typically liberal state, was an early adopter in both legalizing same-sex marriage and cannabis. So continuing on their open-minded and forward thinking tendencies, they are now also the first state in the US to forbid the selling of animals who are not rescues. While humane breeders are still welcome to continue business as usual, this shift in legislation will hopefully do wonders towards getting animals in need of homes, into loving ones. 

Go Cali.

Til' next time,


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