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Reunited (hopefully) and it feels so good

If you live in New York, you've probably heard of The Dogist, a super talented photographer who takes pictures of the pups around the country. Authentic, emotional and always in their most puppy of puppy elements , these pictures are basically the canine equivalent of Humans of New York, an equally sweet and touching photographic look into the lives of the residents of NYC.

The Dogist has slowly but surely gained a huge fan base because, well, everyone loves their furry friends. So it was an amazing partnership when Lincoln decided to tap into his tremendous fan base to help with an incredible cause—reuniting the pets who were separated from their families in the horrible fires that destroyed Paradise California. Elias (the Dogist’s real name) went into the communities and captured the pups in his trademark fashion. Then, he worked with Lincoln to create a video to then share thorough his own network and on all of his social media channels. The way they saw it, the more people who reposted, retweeted and shared it out, the higher the chance of families spotting their missing pets. 

In the aftermath of the destruction, Elias and Lincoln can only hope to bring these families back together and bring them a little bit of love and happiness during a difficult time. The film is five minutes (FOREVER by today's standards!) but worth the whole watch. But warning—t's a bit of a tear jerker—you might want to grab your tissues.


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