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  • Tis' the season of eating remorse
    Hi all, Oscar here. First off all happy (very) belated Thanksgiving and Chanukah to you all. I hope you had your fill of turkeys, stuffing, mashed potatoes and family. Even though I Read more
  • A queen in heat
    Hi all, Oscar here.  Here's a quick—very brief—lesson in the birds and the bees. Dogs and cats get spayed and neutered by their owners to prevent baby puppies and kitties and all Read more
  • A case of diabetes insipidus
    Hi All, Oscar here. I'd venture to guess most of you have had one of those days where you just can't drink enough water. Whether it's because you ate something salty, it's Read more
  • Say a little prayer
    Hi All, Oscar here. I know that after so many years, you've come to think of me as the provider of a range of stories, from the humorous to the serious, to Read more
  • A tumor the size of a baseball
    Hi All, Oscar here. How many of you go for yearly physicals? No judgement, I promise, but I bet the answer is not many of us. Because the truth is, when we Read more
  • Famous people, famous pets
    Hi All, Oscar here. Everyone thinks their pet is a star. And for some of you insta famous pooches, like @ralphienyc @waltergoodboy and @rosenbergthedog and of course, aladinna_the_cat and @lifeatbernies (OK so they're not famous Read more
  • And if your uterus infects thee, cut it out
    Hi All,Oscar here. I've been a bit under the weather so been hitting the Netflix/Hulu binges hard. And in case you didn't pick up on it, the title of this blog Read more
  • The hip bones' connected to the thigh bone and the...
    Hi All, Oscar here. Dr. Silverman has three kids and each of those kids are runners in the past or present sense of the word. And since the NYC marathon is coming Read more
  • Puppy Peak Cuteness
    Hi All, Oscar here. Take a step back and think of when you peaked in your cuteness.I know it's hard to think in such subjective terms but really, stop and think Read more
  • Don't put that pit in your mouth!
    Hi all,Oscar here.We've all been there. You're just walking along with your pooch, minding your own business and BAM. You look down and they have a chicken bone or a Read more
  • Bernie Bark Mitzvah
    Hi All, Oscar here.As you probably know, the year a Jewish boy turns 13 is of the utmost importance. It's the year he becomes a man in the eyes of Judaism. Read more
  • The cutest ever ball boys and girls
    Hi All, Oscar here.  Did you get a chance to watch the Open? I know at this point it was a week or so ago and I do want to offer my Read more
  • In the market for a pooch?
    Hi All, Oscar here. Many of you have come to me asking about where to adopt animals. As you probably know, the PPAC is a great place to find cats and kittens Read more
  • Goldilocks and the three pooches
    Hi All, Oscar here. Do you remember the story of Goldilocks and the three bears? That whole thing where Goldilocks stumbled into this bear family's home and tried out their beds and Read more
  • Be careful what you feed your pet
    Hi All, Oscar here. People love to spoil their pets. Whether it be fancy dog beds, luxury pup spas or elaborate kitty bling, the love of owners for pets truly knows no bounds. So Read more
  • Bloody stool? Don't act a fool
    Hi All, Oscar here. In general, if one of my two legged readers (which let's be honest, I imagine is most of you), notices blood in their stool, it's cause for concern Read more

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