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  • A case of tender tooth
    Hi all,Oscar here. I don't know about you but there's little that scares me as much as dental issues. Even though I know I'm knocked out for the most part when Read more
  • Get Well Itty!
    Hi all,Oscar here.I know most of you think social media is merely an outlet by which people share(oftentimes) inappropriate facets of their personal lives, overshare pictures of their babies, or Read more
  • Aladdina nee Deeny
    Hi all,Oscar here. You may or may not remember my talking about the newest addition to Dr. Silverman the Younger's furry menagerie. As a brief refresh, her name is Aladdina and Read more
  • Chasing Tail
    Hi all,Oscar here. I'm sure you've heard me wax on about the potential issues of adopting pure bred dogs. But as a reminder, the challenge with these pups is that in Read more
  • Vets Behaving Badly
    Hi All, Oscar here.In a profession as honorable as that of veterinary medicine, it's especially disappointing when we see one of our own behaving in a manner that can only be Read more
  • Hard to pronounce. Harder to handle.
    Hi all,Oscar here. Today's story is about a very sad condition that's even harder to pronounce. It's a congenital disease called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. A condition that impacts the hearts of cats, Read more
  • The circle of life
    Hi all,Oscar here.Not sure how up to speed you are on the global news but last Sunday, the 22, marked the hottest London Marathon on record. On top of this incredibly Read more
  • Separation Anxiety
    Hi all, Oscar here. You know when you're having cuddles with your family and then they get up because they have to go to work, or school, or out to dinner, or Read more
  • Like vs. Love
    Hi all, Oscar here. This week's blog is quite honestly painful for me to write. While scouring the internet for this week's subject, I stumbled upon a buzzfeed article titled '19 Dogs who Read more
  • Seeking a professional cat cuddler
    Hi All, Oscar here. When I've asked Dr. Silverman and Dr. Silverman the younger why they love their jobs so much, it's always met with a resounding—we love animals. What could be Read more
  • The dangers of rock salt
    Hi All, Oscar here. If you're on any form of social media, I'm sure you saw posts mocking the fact that on the second day of Spring, we had a nor'easter. Massive Read more
  • Where does your pet sleep?
    Hi All, Oscar here. Bernie Silverman sleeps in a bed near the foot of Dr. and Mrs. Silverman's bed. Tina and I sleep on the rug in their room. Ebbie, Annie, Lucy, Deeny Read more
  • The Animal Olympics
    Hi All, Oscar here.  Did anyone else have a rough week? I most certainly did. I don't know if it was the tease of summer with that unseasonable 72 degree day followed promptly by Read more
  • A case of the wobbles
    Hi All, Oscar here. If you're a human, there are a few things that may upset your center of balance. You might be a baby who has limited control of their body. Or Read more
  • Beware the Super Bowl Buffet
    Hi All, Oscar here.  Did anyone watch the Super Bowl last week? I guess a better question would be did anyone not watch the Super Bowl last week. Apparently, it was the thing to Read more
  • The deadliest cat in the world
    Hi All, Oscar here.  When you think about the deadliest creatures in the animal kingdom, I venture to guess that you think that the domestic cat is somewhere pretty low on the Read more

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