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  • It pays to be nice
    Hi All,Oscar here. If youre anything like me, every day, you wake up and try to be nice. You aim to not piss anyone off, or annoy excessive amounts of Read more
  • Fleas, fleas and more fleas
    Hi All,Oscar here.Its warm out, and you know what that means? Of course you do-youve been reading my blog for the last few years and as a result are Read more
  • The Great Guinea Pig
    Hi All,Oscar here.Were you one of the lucky folks who had pets growing up? Or were you one of those kids who nagged and nagged, threw tantrum after tantrum, attempted Read more
  • Five dogs, Four humans, One office
    Hi All,Oscar here.Its finally hot out! YAY! Even though I while away my days wobbling around indoors, the air seems to change when its warm out. People get happier. Dogs Read more
  • Three Legged Cat
    Hi All,Oscar here.Four is not always better than three. And more is not always better than less. Shockingly, this is particularly so when it comes to the legs of Read more
  • A day for remembering
    Hi All,Oscar here. If the uniformed masses of sailors and the day off from work werent enough to clue you in, let me remind you that today is Memorial Day. Read more
  • Sometimes, Do Eat Poop
    Hi All,Oscar here. Last week. I wrote a post titled Dont Eat Poop. Now, although generally speaking, I continue to maintain that poop is best left uneaten, in some VERY Read more
  • Don't Eat Poop
    Hi All,Oscar here.If you have a child—or ever were one yourself—youre probably all too familiar with the gentle scoldings to not eat poop. Just because it looks like a tootsie Read more
  • Kitties Need Checkups Too
    Hi All,Oscar here.Take a look at that kitty there. Yup, the one in the bag poking her little head out. Thats Lola. Aside from the fact that we look fairly Read more
  • 'Tis the Season of Shedding
    Hi All,Oscar here.Hope you're enjoying the weather as it finally starts to turn warm! Bout time, am I right?Well, as you shed your layers in favor of slightly more revealing, Read more
  • An unquenchable thirst
    Hi All,Oscar here. Remember a few weeks ago when I told a strange but true story about a cat whose liver was in its chest? Well, this weeks story is Read more
  • A tale of a tail
    Hi all,Oscar here.Aside from the obvious fur, the entire premise of pet vs. owner and, that we walk on four legs whereas you all walk on two, there is another Read more
  • The young and the limping
    Hi All,Oscar here. Remember that crazy soap opera, The Young and the Restless? Is that show even still on anymore? Im far too high class to watch useless drivel like Read more
  • Things are about to get messy
    Hi All,Oscar here. When adults reach a certain age, it sometimes happens that they can no longer care for themselves. They lose certain faculties and often even the ability to Read more
  • Farewell, my friend
    Hi All,Oscar here.Over the past few years, Ive brought you all manner of stories, from the sublime to the ridiculous, the gross to the adorable, the happy to the sad.As Read more
  • Keeping cool when the weathers not
    Hi all,Oscar here. As I sit writing from my air conditioned perch, grateful for my indoor-cat status, I think about how lucky I am to not have to suffer through Read more

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