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  • Contain your canine!
    Hi All,Oscar here.If you live in New York and have a pet, you have likely experienced challenges at some point in regards to the transportation of your pet. Since most Read more
  • Better This than That
    Hi All,Oscar here.Sorry for my radio silence last week. I was on vacation in France. Just kidding. I wasn't but the human who usually helps me write these blogs Read more
  • Silly Wabbit
    Hi All,Oscar here.Last week we had quite an unexpected animal come into the office—a bunny rabbit—whose mom and dad wanted to spay her! I think it's fair to assume that Read more
  • Check Those Breasts
    Hi all,Oscar here.I hope you all had wonderful Mother's Days (though truth be told, we don't really need a special day to celebrate those special women who gave birth to Read more
  • More than a common cold
    Hi all,Oscar here.Have you ever had a cold that's unlike any other cold? It feels much worse, the symptoms persist and you just feel crappy? Just like humans, cats are Read more
  • Miraculous Cats
    Hi All, Oscar here. Do you remember The Real World? If you dont (and bless your heart-it means youre a real youngun), it was basically the first iteration of reality Read more
  • Baby You're a Firework
    Hi All,The incomparable Katy Perry (dont judge me-I cant help that I love pop!), singer of the incredibly catchy song Firework seen below, couldnt have said it better. Baby, youre Read more
  • SIBO
    Hi All,Oscar here. Have you ever heard of SIBO? No- not Cee-Lo (though that guy is awesome—just look at how much he loves his cat!). No? I guess that makes Read more
  • Passover for Pets
    Hi All,Oscar here.Has anyone noticed how many posts I write about holidays? I write about pet food, pet gifts, pet holiday warnings. Pet dos and donts. Its all highly Read more
  • An unquenchable thirst
    Hi All,Oscar here. Remember a few weeks ago when I told a strange but true story about a cat whose liver was in its chest? Well, this weeks story is Read more
  • A tale of a tail
    Hi all,Oscar here.Aside from the obvious fur, the entire premise of pet vs. owner and, that we walk on four legs whereas you all walk on two, there is another Read more
  • The young and the limping
    Hi All,Oscar here. Remember that crazy soap opera, The Young and the Restless? Is that show even still on anymore? Im far too high class to watch useless drivel like Read more
  • Things are about to get messy
    Hi All,Oscar here. When adults reach a certain age, it sometimes happens that they can no longer care for themselves. They lose certain faculties and often even the ability to Read more
  • Farewell, my friend
    Hi All,Oscar here.Over the past few years, Ive brought you all manner of stories, from the sublime to the ridiculous, the gross to the adorable, the happy to the sad.As Read more
  • Keeping cool when the weathers not
    Hi all,Oscar here. As I sit writing from my air conditioned perch, grateful for my indoor-cat status, I think about how lucky I am to not have to suffer through Read more
  • A fear of fireworks
    Hi All,Oscar here.Hope you didnt miss me and musings too much last week. Even cats such as myself (whom you may assume dont do much but sit around all Read more

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