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  • They're the good ones
    Hi All,Oscar here. dont know about you, but I feel like the last month has been particularly rife with sadness in the news. The Stanford rape, the child snatching crocodile, Read more
  • Because your pooch deserves a vacation too
    Hi All,Oscar here.Even though the recent weather fluctuations (hot then cold, hot then cold), may leave you wondering if summer is in fact here, according to the calendar, its here Read more
  • A furry dose of fate
    Hi All,Oscar here.You know the saying that everything happens for a reason? It does often seem like life has a funny way of working itself out.Take that adorable bundle of Read more
  • An obstructing obstruction
    Hi All,Oscar here.Hope everyone is having a great memorial day! I am. And thanks to Dr. S. and the PPAC staff, so did this little one year old kitty who Read more
  • Whos got your nuts?
    Hi All,Oscar here.There comes a time in every animals life where a decision is made for them which will impact the rest of their lives. Its done for their health Read more
  • The nose knows
    Hi all,Oscar here.When you sit down in front of a steaming dish of your favorite food, all your senses are on high alert. First, you see the food in all Read more
  • High blood pressure - not just for humans
    Hi All,Oscar here.A lot of humans struggle with a little thing called high blood pressure. The stress of our crazy lives, the love of salty food—it all contributes to this Read more
  • When outdoor business comes indoors
    Hi All,Oscar here.Its happened to all of us. That moment where you get a little nervous. Or maybe that cute cat looks at you in just that way and you Read more
  • Passover and Pets
    Hi All,Oscar here. Hope youve been enjoying this gorgeous spring weather! I sure am!With Spring, comes many holidays and festivities. And though Easter is over, Passover is fast approaching, so Read more
  • Fitness for Pets
    Hi All,Oscar here. How many of us struggle with weight? I would venture to guess that most of my beloved readers have at the very least, been on a diet Read more
  • Calici or Kahleesi?
    Hi All,Oscar here.Just last week, I overheard the doc talking about something called the Calici Virus.Now, when I first heard the name, I obviously assumed they were talking about Kahleesi Read more
  • Are you Peeved at Punxsutawney Phil?
    Hi All,Oscar here.I think we can all comfortably agree that there are a lot of important players in the animal kingdom. We have our lions (who strike fear and reverence Read more
  • An impossible decision
    Hi All,Oscar here.I want you to take a moment to think about your best friend. How much fun you have with them. How much you love having them around you.Ok, Read more
  • Bernie and the Brazil Nuts
    Hi All,Oscar here.This past weekend was a major cause for celebration—Dr. and Mrs. S. eldest daughter, Sydney, got married to a lovely young fellow (yup, Im officially an old man) Read more
  • Sharing is caring
    Hi All,Oscar here.You know how sometimes, when youre down and you pick up your pet and maybe scratch their ears a bit or rub their belly and you just instantly Read more
  • You are what you eat
    Oscar here.Have you ever been in one of those situations where youre sitting there thinking, I really want to eat that but I know I shouldnt? Cases in point might Read more

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