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  • 'Tis the Season of Shedding
    Hi All,Oscar here.Hope you're enjoying the weather as it finally starts to turn warm! Bout time, am I right?Well, as you shed your layers in favor of slightly more revealing, Read more
  • Kitties Need Checkups Too
    Hi All,Oscar here.Take a look at that kitty there. Yup, the one in the bag poking her little head out. Thats Lola. Aside from the fact that we look fairly Read more
  • An Island filled with Cats
    Hi all,Oscar here.Here’s a scenario for all those cat owner/lovers out there.Imagine living on an island populated entirely by cats. Big cats and little cats, old cats and young cats. Read more
  • A dog with a slipped disc
    Hi all,Oscar here.In general, I find cats and dogs to be pretty fascinating subjects. I think it’s evidence enough that I write a blog about them. But even more than Read more
  • One Little Goat
    Hi All,Oscar here.Do you know what today is? It’s the first day of my favorite holiday—Passover.Why is it my favorite holiday? Well, hold your horses—I’m about to tell you (see Read more
  • A Pooch with a Paunch
    Hi All,Oscar here.Everyone loves a fat dog. They’re so cute and soft and pudgy!But just like in humans, in some instances, being overweight can have repercussions on your health. Now, Read more
  • The Love of a Community
    Hi all,Oscar here.If you live locally, you’ve probably heard about the terrible fate of one of the apartment buildings one block over from this very office. Three weeks ago, on Read more
  • A Pet with a Higher Purpose
    Hi All,Oscar here.If you’re a pet (as I imagine many of my audience are), you’re probably living a pretty good life.If you’re a cat, maybe you wake up after spending Read more
  • Mr. Bigglesworth's Brother from another Mother
    Hi all,Oscar here. Remember how we had a 60 degree day followed by a snow storm? And we’re on the cusp of another snow storm? Well, if you’re anything like Read more
  • The Case of a Crappy Colon
    Hi all,Oscar here.Let’s face it. What with poopmojis, squatty pottys, dude wipes, poopurri and more, scatology is becoming, well, mainstream. Everyone does it. Everyone talks about it. Let’s stop making Read more
  • A Bernese Mountain Dog named Bernie
    Hi All,Oscar here. I don’t know how you all spent your weeks but Doc Silverman and his younger daughter, Jamie got to spend the week on a none too shabby Read more

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