Pet Boarding

If you have a pet that you care for daily, finding someone to watch your furry friend if you need to leave the house for an extended time is a concern. Most people find that the pet boarding services available at Prospect Park Veterinary Clinic in Brooklyn meet their criteria for obtaining quality pet care. Here is some information about boarding your pet and how our veterinarian can help if your pet needs assistance while you are away.

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Preparing Your Pet for a Stay

It is best to contact our facility before you intend on bringing your pet in for a stay. At this time, we will ask you questions pertaining to your pet's health and overall needs so we will be better prepared to handle any problems should they arise. Our veterinarian will conduct a full evaluation of your pet before they stay at our facility. This will help us pinpoint any medical trouble that requires prompt treatment, and it will also help to keep other pets in the facility safe from any type of infectious disease. If your pet is not up-to-date on immunizations, our vet will administer them prior to boarding.

Benefits to Enjoy When Boarding Your Pet

There are many advantages to boarding your pet when you need to be away from home. Your pet will have the opportunity to socialize with other animals staying at the facility if they care to. Our staff members are also available to provide your pet with much-needed affection and attention throughout their stay. If you would like for your pet to be pampered in your absence, enroll them in a grooming session with our veterinarian. We also provide medical assistance, including immunization administration, microchipping, and dietary restriction tactics.

How Our Veterinarian Can Help

Our veterinarian is available to help any pet staying at our facility promptly and efficiently. If your pet requires medication, it is administered according to your provided schedule by in-house professionals. If your pet becomes ill, appropriate measures are taken to heal your dog or cat as needed. We are also available to handle emergency situations, including surgical processes. Knowing a veterinarian is available at all times when your pet is boarded gives you the peace of mind that they are receiving the best care possible. We will also keep you informed of your pet's condition throughout their stay.

Call Us for Pet Boarding in Brooklyn

If you need pet boarding services, contact Prospect Park Veterinary Clinic in Brooklyn to make an appointment for a health evaluation. Call our facility today at (718) 768-6125 to inquire about scheduling availability to or set up a date for a tour of our facility.

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