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If you have a puppy or kitten, the Spay & Neuter process is something to consider when dealing with the care of your pet. Contact Prospect Park Animal Clinic in Brooklyn to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian for a consultation to ensure your pet is healthy enough for the surgery. Here is some information about spaying and neutering to read over so you understand why it is so important to have this process conducted for your pet.

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What the Spay & Neuter Process Is

Spaying & neutering your pet is the process of having reproductive organs removed from the body. Spaying is the term used for female animals while neutering is the word used for altering a male animal. Both are surgical procedures that require that the pet has anesthesia beforehand. Because of this, our veterinarian mandates that your pet stays on the premises so it is monitored after the process is conducted. 

Why It Is Important To Spay or Neuter Your Pet

If you do not want your pet to have kittens or puppies, which bring additional financial and emotional burdens, spaying or neutering your pet is best. This stops your pet from reproducing entirely. Stray animals are a problem in our country and many end up perishing because they are left to tend to themselves in the elements of the outdoors. Alternately, people take pets to facilities where they may be euthanized if no one adopts them. Spaying or neutering your pet will help to stop this from happening.

Other Benefits of Spaying or Neutering

In addition to stopping reproduction from occurring, spaying or neutering your pet can help to reduce the chance of them contracting certain types of cancer. For males, neutering often helps to stop aggressive behavior. Female animals that are spayed often stop trying to escape the confines of their homes in an attempt to find a partner to mate with. Many pet owners discover that their pet no longer urinates in the home as well. This is a trait that many unspayed and unneutered pets display.

What Happens When You See Our Veterinarian

Our veterinarian will request that you bring your puppy or kitten to our practice for a full evaluation before a spaying or neutering appointment is made. This way any medical conditions are treated before they have surgery. You will be provided with instructions on when to stop giving your pet food and water before their appointment as well.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

When you wish to Spay & Neuter a pet, make an appointment at Prospect Park Animal Clinic in Brooklyn for a well-visit. Give our practice a call at (718) 768-6125 to find out more or to ask questions.

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